Listerine® can help your customers keep their gums healthy and teeth strong.


Left-behind germs can cause plaque build-up which can lead to gum disease. But with Listerine® mouthwash, you can kill up to 97% of plaque and bad breath causing germs* left after brushing in 30 seconds.


Recommend Listerine® to your customers for stronger teeth and to maintain healthy gums.


*when used twice daily

Help your customers get stronger teeth in just two weeks


Discover more about Listerine® and how it can help your customers maintain healthy gums. Get to know more about our research and recommendations.

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Discover the science and research behind Listerine®. Read more on the largest collection of plaque reduction data, expert methadologies and more.

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Benefits of Listerine® Mouthwash


So, how exactly does Listerine® work to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums? Discover more about the benefits of our mouthwash, and why you should recommend it to your customers.


Listerine® mouthwash works in the following ways:


Maintains Healthy gums

Strong teeth start with healthy gums. Listerine® mouthwashes provide effective gum protection* for powerful oral care. 


*greater plaque reductions verses brushing alone in 2 weeks.



Protects from bad breath germs

Listerine® mouthwash protects from bad breath germs for up to 12 hours, for long lasting fresh breath protection. In fact, it can provide up to 24-hour fresh breath protection when used twice a day.



Reduces plaque

Listerine® reduces more plaque in between your teeth than flossing and brushing alone. Not only does this help maintain healthy gums, but it also removes plaque to help protect against gum disease developing.



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Date of preparation: May 2024