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Gut2Know is the all-new gut health app from Imodium®: the number one selling diarrhoea relief brand in the UK*. Launched in January 2024, this all-in-one app can help your patients manage their gut health on the go. Help them track symptoms, fill out food diaries, learn valuable gut information and build new sustainable habits for better gut health. It’s easy to use, accessible and free.

Empower your patients to take back control of their gut health with the right tools. Recommend Gut2Know today.


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Get to know Gut2Know

Gut2Know is a mobile app, crafted by experts and backed by science. It offers a range of impactful, easy to use tools to help your patients manage and understand their gut health and symptoms.

Gut health is key to overall wellbeing – the gut is made up of 300 to 500 different types of bacteria, each playing an important role in our health1. But we know that diarrhoea and gastrointestinal issues can be difficult to manage, and stigmas attached may make it harder for patients to seek medical help. Patients may often feel frustrated by their symptoms and not know where to start to manage them – which is where Gut2Know comes in.

The app offers users the ability to create their very own mood and food diaries on their phones. This allows patients to easily track their symptoms and provide you with more detailed information during consultations. This could lead to a more personalised and productive experience for both you and your patients.

It also offers extra patient education for outside the pharmacy, so patients can learn a range of different topics, make more informed choices, and ultimately build habits for the better.


How can Gut2Know help your patients?

The Gut2Know app is a powerful, pocket-sized tool. It offers many different features, all expertly designed to offer support and knowledge. Here’s what your patients can do with the app:

1. Easily track their mood, food & symptoms to uncover potential triggers

  • Easily monitor what they eat and drink. The personalised food diary can help users log their meals and snacks and recognise possible triggers.

  • Take note of their mood and stress levels. Given the significant connection between the brain and the gut, it's essential to acknowledge the emotional aspects of our overall wellbeing. Once patients have identified these emotions, they can learn to manage them.
  • Record their diarrhoea episodes and gut-related symptoms. Track bowel movements, bloating, cramps and more. This enables the app to identify patterns between their food, mood and symptoms they are experiencing, and uncover potential triggers.

2. Boost their gut health knowledge

  • Explore expert-created topics. The app’s 12 in-depth topics are specially curated to help boost patients’ knowledge on gut health and diarrhoea management.
  • Discover valuable gut health insights. By boosting their knowledge, your patients can start to make informed choices on how to manage their gut health.
  • Learn from the experts. Imodium® has 50 years of experience caring for peoples’ guts. Gut2Know compiles our expert knowledge in one accessible place.

3. Help them build new habits

  • Create goals tailored to individual gut needs. Everyone’s gut is different, so everyone’s Gut2Know app is different. Patients can set movable goals tailored to their gut health journey.
  • Set reminders to stay on track. The app can nudge your patients when you can’t, to help them stay on top of their goals and keep to their new habits.
  • Stay motivated with quizzes and real-life examples. Gut2Know is not only flexible, but interactive. Quizzes and examples help keep patients focussed, reminding them of the benefits of a healthy gut.


Why recommend Gut2Know?

  • A personalised pocket companion – the app provides on-the-go guidance and a symptom tracker.
  • A trusted brand – Imodium® has half a century’s experience when it comes to dealing with gastrointestinal issues, and the app is backed with evidence-based scientific principles.
  • An all-in-one app – from tracking triggers to gaining gut knowledge, the app puts the power in patients’ hands to learn more about their health and change their habits.


Still not sure if it’s right for your patients? Try it for yourself…

You can download Gut2Know for free to test it out before you recommend it. Explore its many features and topics, so you feel confident in matching the app to the right patients.

Download FREE today to try it for yourself



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