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Free samples are available for healthcare professionals who advise on dry skin including pharmacies, GPs, nurses and dermatologists.

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Step 1: Choose your preferred free samples and quantity. Keep in mind that there may be a quarterly quota per work practice, which will be automatically adjusted after you enter your work practice post code.

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Date of preparation: April 2024

Step 1 - Select Samples & Marketing Materials
  • Sample

  • Use this Aveeno® pack to help your customers understand their skin type and sample suitable products.

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  • Sample

  • Help your customers identify their skin type in three steps.

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dermexa_tester sample
  • Sample

  • AVEENO® Dermexa Emollient Cream has a non-greasy, vegan* formula that combines a soothing triple oat complex and ceramides and which soothes & protects very dry itchy skin, whilst helping to strengthen the skin's natural barrier. *does not contain animal-derived ingredients.

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    (Maximum of 20)#

Please note the quarterly quota for ordering samples and marketing materials are based on work practice eligibility. If your work practice has remaining quota, you may order more. If it has used up its quota, you'll have to wait until next quarter. contact us with any questions. Thanks for your support!

Step 2 - Check Your Eligibility

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