Identifying skin types

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Understanding the differences in skin types is an essential part of helping your customers manage their skin's needs. Learn how to distinguish between different skin types and recommend products for your clients with our insightful training guide.

What are the different skin types?

Dry skin can have different levels of severity, so your customers will have different emollient needs depending on the level of dry skin they are experiencing. These skin types generally fall into the following categories:


  • Normal to dry skin
  • Dry and tight skin
  • Very dry, itchy skin and may be prone to eczema.


Depending on the skin type of your customer, they may require different skincare solutions. All recommendations should start with correctly identifying your customers' needs.


Normal to dry skin

While normal skin may be easy to spot, it’s important to remember that even slightly dry skin can fall into this category. Dullness and dryness may be present on the skin, and you may even notice some subdued scaling.


Very dry, tight skin

Very dry, tight skin can often be identified by a flaking, scaling appearance. Flakiness over a large area is usually accompanied by a tightness in the skin.

Depending on the severity, someone with very dry skin may also experience an itching sensation.


Very dry, itchy skin

Very dry, itchy skin is often recognisable by its sensitive, scaly appearance. It may also be prone to extra-dry skin flares and can be incredibly itchy and uncomfortable.


What are triggers for dry skin?

There are a range of external factors that can trigger flare-ups. These can often be categorised into four different external events:


Physical triggers:


UV light








Cold wind



Chemical triggers:













Psychological triggers:









Hormonal triggers:


Cortisol levels




Menstrual cycle



What products should I recommend for each skin type?

Recommending the right products for a range of different skin types is an essential part of managing dry skin. There are a range of solutions available for skin types across the dry skin spectrum.


By following our recommendation table below, you can quickly identify different skin types and make recommendations from our Aveeno® range that can have the best possible benefits for your customers.





Daily Moisturising

Aveeno® Daily Moisturising is designed to nourish and protect normal to dry skin*.

The daily moisturising lotion provides ideal care for those with normal to dry skin and is clinically proven to hydrate for 48 hours**.


*excluding body washes.

**after four weeks continuous use.



Skin Relief

Our Aveeno® Skin Relief lotion provides clinically proven intense hydration for up to 72 hours*, making it ideal for those with very dry and tight skin.


*after four weeks continuous use.




Cleanse, moisturise and nourish dry and itchy skin with Aveeno® Dermexa. The soothing Dermexa Emollient Cream formula is clinically proven to help prevent flare-ups of intense skin dryness, while improving the skin’s natural microbiome balance.


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